Federal estimates show that 75 percent of solid waste can be diverted from the landfill, yet Boulder County currently diverts roughly 35 percent. In making sustainable resource and disposal choices, your business can cut costs on supplies and raw materials, enhance overall efficiency, lessen your impact on the environment, and convert waste into a valuable product.

At Partners for a Clean Environment in Boulder County, our business sustainability advisors assist you to:

  • Assess and support waste reduction
  • Work toward “zero waste” output
  • Formulate waste diversion and reduction strategies
  • Explore sustainable purchasing policies and employee engagement opportunities
  • Strategize manufacturing and supply chain management efficiencies
  • Identify ways to divert material from the landfill through reuse, recycling, and composting programs

To get started, contact a Boulder County business sustainability advisor at 303-786-7223 or info@PACEpartners.com

Discover simple waste reduction actions your business can take now.

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The Buff Restaurant Logo

When The Buff Restaurant in Boulder moved to its new location, the restaurant reused and repurposed many of the materials that were already there: the wood from the previous restaurant’s booths was made into new booths, and some of the new wood walls were created by turning around the existing beadboard. In 2014, the Buff received PACE certification in Zero Waste and earned recognition from Western Disposal for diverting more than 95 percent of its waste into compost and recycle. The Buff hopes that its waste consciousness extends far beyond its doors and compostable containers.