More than 73,000 people in Boulder County travel each day to another community to work, and many employees average 28 miles or more per commute. By supporting travel reduction and sustainable transportation programs, you can make a positive difference in the daily lives of your employees, the carbon footprint of your business and the sustainability goals of your local community.

Partners for a Clean Environment works with your local transportation management agency to provide free commuter benefits assistance to. Advisors assess transportation opportunities and support you in implementing the following:

  • Transit Pass Set-up
  • Boulder Transportation Connections BikePool Program
  • Employee Transportation Coordinators
  • Carpool/Vanpool Network
  • General Transportation Information
  • Employee Travel Planning
  • Transportation Surveys
  • Health Fairs, Presentations and Information Booths

Advisors can also provide advice and resources on:

  • Guaranteed Ride Home Program—taxi rides home in case of emergency or bad weather
  • eGo CarShare—pay as you go round-trip cars throughout the city of Boulder
  • Flexible Work Schedules—telecommuting, flex days, alternative schedules

To get started with the commuter benefits program, contact a business sustainability advisor online or 303-786-7223 or

Discover simple sustainable transportation actions your business can take now to reduce its carbon footprint.

Find out what other commuter benefits and transportation support organizations are here in Boulder County to serve you.

Markit Logo
Markit in Boulder offers its 450 employees the opportunity to participate in RTD’s EcoPass program as well as in Vanpools commuting from outside of the Denver area. The business offers extensive indoor bike parking and shower facilities, provides two bikes for checkout, and reimburses 50 percent of all bike safety gear. To further encourage employees to use low-carbon transportation options, Markit administers a “Dollar a Day” program in which employees collect a dollar for each day that they get to work by biking, busing, vanpooling, carpooling, etc.