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Is your business a commercial Xcel Energy customer?

Does your facility have incandescent light bulbs?
If you answered yes to both, you could be eligible to participate in Xcel Energy’s Direct Install program. To find out more and to see if your business qualifies, contact your PACE advisor at or 303-786-7223.
Boulder County offers up to four FREE bike racks per business. To get started, fill out this bike rack request form. Visit the PACE website for more on availability information and eligibility requirements.
Contact your PACE advisor at or 303-786-7223 to learn more.
Cosmo’s Pizza, located in north Boulder on 28th street, has taken several measures to reduce their water usage. They worked with PACE to install free aerators on their restroom and kitchen faucets as well as high efficiency pre-rinse spray valves. Cosmo’s has high efficiency toilets and recently installed an air chilled ice machine.
Cosmo’s water conservation efforts have resulted in an estimated water savings of over 62,000 gallons per year!!!
Congratulations, Cosmo’s Pizza!!!
Check out the full list of PACE certified businesses! To learn how your business can achieve PACE certification, contact your PACE advisor at or 303-786-7223.

ANDREA’s, a luxury hair salon located in Boulder, is the first business in history to obtain all four PACE certifications!

PACE certifications and achievements:

  • Energy: ANDREA’s resides in the near net-zero building, Boulder Commons.
  • Waste: ANDREA’s is diverting 95% of their waste to compost and recycling
  • Water: ANDREA’s consumes 33% less water than the usage predicted if all water fixtures met the current code
  • Transportation: 50% of ANDREA’s employees take sustainable forms of transportation to work and ANDREA’s provides access to bus passes, bike share, and EV charging stations

Congratulations, ANDREA’s!!!

With the federal solar tax credit declining next year, moving forward with a solar installation this year is a great decision! PACE has rebates up to $15,000 for solar installations within Boulder County and we’ve changed our rebate reservation rules to help accommodate and promote the completion of more solar projects. Now, you can reserve funds (first come, first serve) for a solar project in one year and complete the project in the following year. Solar companies will likely be very busy so if you are thinking about solar, don’t delay!

*This exception is only for solar projects, all other PACE rebated projects must be completed and invoiced by December 31st, 2019.

Contact a PACE advisor to learn more at 303.786.7223 or

Simply Bulk Market, located in Longmont, is a bulk store full of bins and barrels containing more than 500 different bulk food items, spices, pet supplies, personal care items, coffees, teas and more. The idea is that you can buy as much as you want while reusing containers and eliminating disposable packaging. Their slogan: Pay for the product, not for the package!

Simply Bulk Market is not only helping their customers reduce their environmental impact, they are also operating their business in the same manner.

PACE certifications and achievements:

Waste: Diverting 86% of their waste to recycling

Water: Consumes 21% less water than the usage predicted if all water fixtures met the current code

Congratulations, Simply Bulk Market!!!

Check out the full list of PACE certified businesses!

Upgrading exterior lighting to LEDs can significantly reduce energy use as well as your monthly utility bill. Win, win! Additionally, your upfront costs can be reduced by taking advantage of rebates from both PACE and Xcel Energy. Win, win, win! In fact, rebates could cover up to 50% of your total project cost!

Contact your PACE advisor at or 303-786-7223 to learn more about how your business can be more energy efficient and save on project cost and monthly utility costs.

If your property is located in the City of Boulder, it is likely affected by the Outdoor Lighting Ordinance and may also be impacted by the Building Performance Ordinance if it’s over 20,000 square feet. Follow the link to the Outdoor Lighting Ordinance to learn how to comply with the ordinance(s) that affect your property and, if you are planning on an exterior lighting upgrade, be sure to work with a PACE advisor to earn all available rebates.

*Qualifying projects must be pre-approved and are based on funding availability.

Climate Action in Boulder County

Boulder County is committed to addressing climate change at the local level. In 2012, Boulder County committed to reduce countywide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 40% by 2020 based on a 2005 baseline, and in 2018, the county committed to reduce GHG emissions by 45% by 2030 and by 90% by 2050 based on a 2005 baseline. Boulder County completed GHG emission inventories in 2005, 2011, and 2016. Based on the most recent inventory, commercial buildings account for 38% of greenhouse gas emissions countywide.

Everyone plays a role in effectively addressing climate change! Does your business have a GHG emission reduction goal or would you like to create one? We’d love to hear from you so we can support and promote your efforts!

Contact your PACE advisor at or 303-786-7223.

Incentive Highlight: Linear Ambient Lighting Fixtures

LED linear ambient fixtures such as a hanging set of fluorescent tubes connected end to end are now eligible for rebates. By replacing existing T8 or T12 linear fixtures in your business, you could earn a rebate of up to $75/fixture from Xcel Energy or $1.25 per watt reduced from Efficiency Works. Additionally, you can earn up to $0.75 per watt reduced from the PACE program. These rebates could significantly reduce your out of pocket expense for a lighting upgrade! Being a business in Boulder County has perks!

Don’t have linear ambient lighting? Don’t worry! PACE can help you find the rebates that are right for your business. Visit for more information or contact your PACE advisor at or 303-786-7223.

*Qualifying projects must be pre-approved and are based on funding availability.

Changes to PACE Rebates for 2019

  • New rebate web page with additional details.
  • Increased exterior lighting rebates by 50%.
  • Simplified lighting control rebates (interior only)
  • Installing fluorescent fixtures is no longer eligible for rebates. New equipment must be LED or high intensity discharge.
  • Replacement of natural gas powered equipment is no longer be eligible for rebates. As the grid continues to get cleaner, consider moving toward electric appliances to decrease greenhouse gas pollution from natural gas, like heat pump systems, which are eligible for custom rebates. Roof top units remain eligible for PACE rebates for high efficiency air conditioning.
  • Rebate limits per parcel:
    • $3,000 annually outside of the city of Boulder, increased from last year
    • $20,000 annually within the city of Boulder
    • $5,000 lifetime for HVAC
    • $15,000 annually for renewable energy (does not count toward parcel caps listed above)
  • All other PACE rebates remain unchanged.

Boulder County has allocated $140,000 to fund energy efficiency rebates for businesses throughout Boulder County. The City of Boulder has provided $435,000 from its Climate Action Plan (CAP) tax for additional rebates within the city of Boulder. Additional rebates are also available from Longmont Power and Communications and Xcel Energy.

Rebates are first come; first serve. To qualify for a rebate, pre-approval is required on all projects prior to installation.

For a complete list of eligible measures as well as program terms and conditions visit or contact an advisor today to learn more at or 303.786.7223.

2019 is the Last Year to Receive a 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit

If you are considering solar in 2019, it’s important to start inquiring as soon as possible. With this being a great time to complete a solar project, solar companies will likely be very busy. There are also other considerations that could delay a project such as weather, quality of existing supporting structure(s), and permitting as well as the availability of labor and equipment.
Contact an advisor today to learn more at or 303.786.7223.