For Contractors

Partners for a Clean Environment can help you promote the quality and expertise that differentiates your business and allows you to provide streamlined, efficient service to your customers. Our expert business sustainability advisors connect you with energy efficiency rebates and incentives in Boulder County (as well as water conservation, waste, and transportation) that make upgrades more economical for your clients and give your bid an edge against the competition. When you work with PACE, you will work with an expert business sustainability advisor to access the following benefits:

  • Identify available energy efficiency rebates in Boulder County that can help your clients finance projects, reduce overall project costs and help you win bids
  • Add your name to the list of contractors PACE provides to businesses that have a potential upgrade opportunity
  • Verify if equipment meets energy efficiency rebate requirements and help fill out the paperwork
  • Connect you with additional project-related training
  • Connect with like-minded contractors about energy efficiency rebates in Boulder County

Your first step is to contact an advisor before beginning work to ensure that your project will qualify for available rebates and incentives in energy efficiency, waste disposal, or water conservation. Please note that waste, water, and energy efficiency rebates in Boulder County are subject to change and vary by location and utility provider. Contact an advisor prior to completing an upgrade as they can verify if equipment will meet rebate requirements and potentially identify additional opportunities for energy efficiency. As the project progresses, your advisor will ensure all rebate paperwork is complete and will support you in getting required forms signed and submitted!

Click here for the rebate estimators and requirements for lighting, solar, HVAC, and other measures.

These rebate estimators are to be used for estimation purposes only. Please consult your advisor before including them on quotes, proposal, and bids. Rebate funds are limited and awarded on a first come first serve basis. Contact your advisor before starting any project to confirm rebate availability and to schedule an energy assessment/walk through of the project to verify existing equipment.

Are you starting a project, need rebate information or need to schedule an assessment? Contact a PACE advisor at 303-786-7223 or

If you have completed an energy efficiency project within the last year that received a PACE energy rebate in Boulder County, our online contractor list promotes your services. We provide this list to businesses that are considering energy efficiency upgrades.

Please note: PACE offers this list as a resource for business. PACE does not advocate for or promote specific contractors and makes no representations or warranties regarding the quality of service or proof of insurance for any contractors on the list.

Join PACE to learn more about energy efficiency rebates in Boulder County or contact an advisor at 303-786-7223 or