Simple Actions

There are many simple ways you can use energy efficiently, conserve water, reduce waste, and encourage wise transportation choices at your business. What’s more, doing so will inspire your employees and boost your bottom line by reducing operating costs while improving competitiveness and environmental performance. Below are several no-cost and low-cost actions you can take right now to generate value for your business.

Need help? For one-on-one assistance with these simple actions and more, contact a business sustainability advisor who can support your efforts and connect you with incentives, rebates, and financing.

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  • Schedule a free PACE energy assessment to identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency and save money.
  • Turn off lights when you leave the room or building and consider adding occupancy sensors.
  • Upgrade to ENERGY STAR rated light bulbs, appliances and equipment.
  • Perform routine (i.e. quarterly) maintenance on HVAC equipment.
  • Upgrade to programmable thermostats, and make sure thermostats are programmed after business hours.
  • Turn off computers every night and unplug equipment that is used infrequently, such as personal printers and scanners.
  • Schedule a free PACE waste assessment to identify opportunities to reduce and divert waste and learn about available incentives.
  • Optimize bin placement and ensure recycle, compost and landfill signs are clear and visible.
  • Train staff on waste diversion efforts and routinely check that cleaning staff is properly disposing recycling and compost material in specified outdoor bins.
  • Verify that cleaning staff properly dispose of recyclables and waste materials.
  • Collect and deliver used electronics, appliances, scrap metal, block foam, textiles, large durable plastics and other applicable materials to the Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHaRM)
  • Collect and deliver paints, solvents, batteries, cleaners and other chemicals to Boulder County Hazardous Materials Management Facility
  • Switch purchasing to bulk, nonhazardous, recyclable and recycled-content options and develop an environmentally preferable purchasing program.
  • Schedule a free PACE water assessment to identify opportunities to reduce water usage and save money.
  • Upgrade toilets, urinals and showerheads to WaterSense models. WaterSense is the EPA’s efficiency standard for water fixtures and appliances.
  • Upgrade to high efficiency aerators in kitchen and restroom faucets.
  • Upgrade dishwashers and ice machines to ENERGY STAR models.
  • Conduct regular visual inspections of fixtures and look and listen for leaks. Train employees to notify management if they notice leaking fixtures or equipment..
  • Reduce water used for irrigation – visit Resource Central and sign up for a free assessment of your existing sprinkler system.
  • Schedule a free PACE transportation assessment to identify opportunities to improve your transportation program and learn about available incentives.
  • Consider adding bike racks and EV charging stations for employees.
  • Set up a transit program by providing “pool” bikes, B-Cycle memberships, eGo CarShare memberships, or Eco-Passes for employees to travel to and from work and meetings.
  • Offer employees flexible work schedules, including compressed work weeks and telework options and conduct meetings with partners over the internet or phone when possible.
  • Participate as a company in summer and winter Bike-to-Work Day