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How to Become PACE Certified

PACE’s improved certification process will help businesses reduce their operation costs, lessen their carbon footprint, and potentially increase sales from customers patronizing green businesses.

PACE will help businesses identify and complete projects that will result in significant reductions in energy and water use, waste generation, and help find the technical expertise and financial incentives businesses need to make these projects happen.

Ready to become a PACE-certified business?  Here is what is required:

What are the 10 minimum criteria?

  1. Business must provide 12 continuous past months of electricity, natural gas, waste management, and water bills to PACE staff.
  2. Must be in compliance with all local, state, and federal environmental health regulations.
  3. Businesses must use environmentally preferable cleaners/chemicals where possible.
  4. Businesses must have a recycling program.
  5. Replace incandescent Exit signs with LED Exit signs.
  6. Use programmable thermostats as applicable.
  7. Use paper and paper materials made from at least 30% post-consumer recycled-content.
  8. Water landscape in evenings or early mornings as applicable.
  9. Must have aerators on faucets and flow control nozzles on hoses where appropriate.
  10. To maintain annual certification, business will provide PACE with access to monthly electricity, natural gas, waste management, and water bills to PACE staff.  Businesses will also conduct a bi-annual on-line recertification.