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Local Governments and Businesses : We Are Still In 

Amid this summer’s highs and lows, local government leaders have reaffirmed their commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement in light of...Read More

Money Saving Xcel Energy Rebates

Fall is a good time to help boost your sales if you are a heating contractor, and customers can improve their bottom line by reducing their heating bill...Read More

Brighten Your Longmont Business with A 50% Lighting Bonus from Efficiency Works!

Take the chance to save money and energy like never before! Efficiency Works is now offering your company a 50% bonus rebate...Read More

Grease is Gross! (And Illegal) 

Restaurant you have a grease bin out back? Do you know if it's leaking or full? A leaking bin or spilled grease is considered “illegal discharge”...Read More

Efficiency and Mobility for All 

You already know about PACE's services for businesses, but did you know that...Read More

Clean Air Challenge Home Stretch! 

Participants have already logged over 27,000 alternative vehicle miles...Read More

Still Have Old Lighting? Want LEDs? Its Not Too Late! - May 2017

You may have heard that rebates were no longer available for T12 lighting (which can no longer be manufactured in the U.S.). You heard right, but they’re back by popular demand...Read More

City of Boulder Ordinance? We'll Help You Comply - May 2017

If you’re in the city of Boulder, PACE is your resource for meeting new sustainability requirements. Our team will get you set up to comply with whichever ordinance affects you...Read More

It's Summer...Time to Slow the Flow - May 2017

The "Slow the Flow" program is helping area businesses review their current irrigation practices and is providing simple, highly effective fixes. Partners for a Clean Environment (PACE) and the Center for Resource Conservation (CRC) can send a skilled water technician to your property – at no cost to you...Read More

Take the Best for Colorado Challenge - May 2017

 Best for Colorado inspires and equips local businesses with the tools to measure and improve business practices that strengthen their bottom line and improve quality of life in their communities. Over 100 businesses have already completed the challenge during this inaugural year of Best for Colorado...Read More

New PACE Certification for Transportation - May 2017

PACE certification showcases to your customers and peers that your business has achieved a high level of environmental performance. Certified PACE Partners are eligible for various forms of community recognition. Let us help you share your sustainability success stories...Read More

Your Business Can Benefit from Carshare - May 2017

CarSharing is a more convenient type of car rental that can be used as little as 15 minutes, to a few hours, or for multiple days...Read More

Leave Your Car at Home and Win - Clean Air Challenge - May 2017

 Reduce ground-level ozone and greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging your employees to leave their cars at home one or more days a week during the high ozone months of July and August. Compete with other companies, and your employees could win...Read More

Bike to Work Day is Coming! - May 2017

It’s that time of year again – encourage your employees to join the party before and after work on June 28. Free breakfast and goodies are provided...Read More

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