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Want to see a list of PACE-certified businesses in Boulder County?
Visit our Current Partners page.

Core Survey
Water Survey
Energy Survey
Waste Survey
Transportation Survey

Organization official Name:
Address (Including suite number):
Address Line 2:
Organization type (Required):
Your name:
Your phone number:
Your email:
Decision Maker (if different from the above):
Decision Maker phone number:
Decision Maker email:
Property Owner (if other than your organization):
If Leasing, lease term duration:
Approximate square footage of building) (Required):
Year your building was built:
Number of employees:
Hours of operation per week:
Who pays your electricity and natural gas bills?
Who pays your trash, recycling and/or compost bills?
Does your organization have a "Green Team," or person responsible for managing sustainability initiatives?   If so, please list contact person:
How does your organization incorporate sustainability into its identity?
If you are leasing your space, have you talked to your landlord about sustainability issues? If you are a landlord, have you talked to your tenants about sustainability and provided them opportunities to pursue sustainable practices?
What are the most significant challenges to making sustainability improvements at your organization? (Check all that apply)(Required):
Do you want a PACE advisor to contact you about free technical and financial assistance? (Check all that apply):

If you have participated in other sustainability programs, please list:
Water Survey
How do you manage your water bills?

Have you had a water use assessment?
How do you reduce water use inside your building?
How do you reduce water use outside your building?
What steps have you taken to protect water quality in your operations?
Energy Survey
How do you track/manage your energy bills?

Have you completed an Energy Assessment?
How do you reduce lighting energy use?
How do you reduce energy use from heating and cooling?
How has your organization maintain the building so that staff are comfortable without personal space heaters and fans?
How do you reduce energy use from appliances/motors?
How have you increased the efficiency of staff computer equipment?
How has your organization taken advantage of renewable energy?

Waste Survey
Have you had a waste assessment?
How do you handle bills for your waste disposal?
What kinds of trash reduction practices do you have in place?
How do you educate and encourage staff to follow recycling and/or composting guidelines?
How do you conserve materials in your operations?

Transportation Survey
How have you assessed how employees get to work, issues with commuting/parking, and financial impacts of commuting?

What programs or benefits does your organization have in place to encourage alternative transportation?
Does your organization have policies or programs in place to reduce vehicle use or emissions for work-related trips during the day?

PACE supports businesses in finding and implementing green business practices—and measuring and celebrating success in sustainability—in the following program areas:

Partners for a Clean Environment are business leaders. A collaboration between the City of Boulder, the City of Longmont and Boulder County, PACE provides advisor services, financial incentives, and a certification program to help businesses measure and celebrate their successes in the areas of Energy, Waste, Water, and Transportation.

It’s good for your business and our community. Get started!


Need help? Contact PACE for support. 

Partners for a Clean Environment (PACE) has worked with more than 1,000 businesses across Boulder County to access rebates, incentives, and financing that help them realize their sustainability goals and make smart investments in their business operations. Rebate amounts and availability vary and pre-approval may be required.

PACE has new funds for rebates and incentives in 2018.  
Please call an Advisor to see what you qualify for. Contact a Business Sustainability Advisor at 303-786-7223 or info@PACEpartners.com to learn more.