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Xcel Energy’s Renewable*Connect Solar Garden Opens For Businesses!
Want solar but don’t have the capital or roof space? How about a solar garden subscription? Xcel Energy’s Solar Connect is opening soon, and it will be available to businesses on the C (Commercial) rate (those with electricity demand under 25kW) starting in April. This new solar garden will fill up very quickly, so watch this site for applications! Larger business customers can apply starting June 6th.
Renewable*Connect is Xcel Energy’s newest clean energy program, offering residential and business customers the opportunity to receive easy, low-cost solar energy with a chance to save.
The program provides simple access to a newly constructed renewable resource. Customers can subscribe to a dedicated new 50 MW solar farm near Deer Trail, Colorado in eastern Arapahoe County. Participants won’t have to deal with long-term lease or loan offers, on-site solar panels or equipment maintenance.
Residential and business Customers can participate in solar with no-installation costs and no down payment or upfront investment. They can choose to power some or all of their energy needs with the full benefits of solar under convenient month-to-month, 5-year and 10-year subscription terms. Subscription limitations do apply. Renewable*Connect offers the potential to save money. Pre-determined and fixed price schedules are set for the life of the contract. The longer the contract, the more economical it could be.
For companies and organizations with set sustainability goals, the program provides a way to meet these goals and claim their renewable energy usage by having Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) retired on their behalf. All Renewable*Connect energy will be Green-e Energy certified to meet environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions.

For more information, visit Renewable*Connect online. Questions can be directed to Jaclyn at RenewableConnectCO@xcelenergy.com.